Localization of Digital Technologies and IP

Leveraging best-in-class global technologies and design best practices, generating highly strategic Local Content value aligned with 2030 vision and its national digitalization initiatives.

Design Thinking Workshops

Stay ahead in the rapidly evolving IoT landscape with our educational programs and workshops. Learn from industry experts and gain practical skills in IoT development and design.

Design Thinking Workshop Participants to-Date

Cutting-Edge Prototyping:

Turn your IoT ideas into interactive prototypes. Our lab offers advanced prototyping tools, allowing you to create tangible digital experiences that showcase the power of IoT.

Immersive Testing Environments:

Step into our immersive testing environments designed to mimic real-world IoT scenarios. Test and refine your IoT solutions in a controlled and interactive setting.

IoT Integration Services:

We offer seamless integration of IoT devices and platforms, making it easier for you to connect, collect data, and analyze insights.

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